About Mushy World

What is the meaning of "Mushy World"? We've defined "Mushy" as "all things lovable, fun, or cute". Combined with the term "World", we wanted to create a world where all things are either lovable, fun, or cute. For our business, that means fun designs, shirts that make you feel increasingly good about yourself, and material crafted with love.

Designing and creating anything artistic has always been a thing of mine. However in recent years, I began to notice a problem that kept arising. Many people disliked their everyday choice of shirts & garments while shopping. At the root, it seemed that the designs of those garments were too generic at times for a new young market of shoppers emerging.

In my eyes, some felt unheard and began to shy away from wearing t-shirts, while others were able to find shirts that weren't widely available to the public. There and then I had a notion. Traditional styles & designs were great and they will always have their place, but a new style of execution will always need to be invented as time goes on.

In knowing this, I wanted to create a new status quo for women’s t-shirts that pulled inspiration from traditional styles, but spun them into original yet familiar designs. More than this though, I wanted new designs that felt great to wear in casual settings, inspired more t-shirt use, and could be appreciated by the young and old alike.

With all that, now I'm here.

Our goal has been to offer designs that inspire and excite. Our hope has been to see what's possible. We yearn to create joyful designs you won't find anywhere else. At the same time, we provide the classic designs you love and are familiar with.

Thank you for visiting our store, and Happy Shopping!

A Commitment to Customer Service

We are real people who understand that going above and beyond for our customers requires great customer service.